• about me

    Meet the Product Manager of Ustream Mobile.

    It's not about being good at something. You have to be good enough to put the pieces together.

    I believe there's a need for people who see things as a whole. We're digging deep in most fields until we lose context. I am dedicated to connect those fields to help experts (eg. dev, marketing, design, sales) to prosper.


    • Product Management
      roadmaps, design, implementation, distribution, public relations
    • DTP and WEB Design
      print-ready brochures, web mockups and optimized assets, final css
    • Mobile Application Design
      creative drafts, UX design, mockups, final design, mobile-optimized assets
    • Communication and Analysis
      experience in management, speeches, analytics, KPIs and all that
  • contact me

    Gergo Radnoczi
    Mobile Product Manager
    Ustream, Inc.

    Ustream, Inc.
    410 Townsend Street
    San Francisco, CA 94107